Gas Limit: 200000



Make sure that you send Ether from a wallet that supports ERC20 tokens or from an address for which you control the private key. Otherwise you will not be able to interact with the WOWGUY tokens received. Do not send Ether directly from an exchange to the ICO address.


The Presale will run untill  OCTOBER 17. 2023, or when the presale goal of 25 ETH is reached.

When the Presale ends you can claim your Tokens here, or on the crowdsale contract page using the withdrawtokens function!

I we don’t reach the Softcap you get your ETH back.  If the hard Cap is not reached, the remaining presale Tokens will be burned.

The presale ETH will go 100% into liquidity.

The Token will go live on OCTOBER 18. 2023.

To avoid creating whales, there is a maximum of 0.3333ETH per Adress.

45.04% of the total amount of tokens will enter the presale. 
Token Ratio is 2175000 WOWGUY Tokens per 1 ETH.  

When launched, Token Ratio will be 1850000 WOWGUY Tokens per 1 ETH.  

42.45% of the total amount of tokens will be used for liquidity, at a Ratio of 205000 WOWGUY Tokens per 1 ETH.